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Zambia Primate Project
Cheryl Mvula - Founder
Released Vervets

Established by and with on-going support of the Born Free Foundation, Zambia Primate Project (ZPP) is one of Africa’s most established and successful primate release programmes. Run by the wonderful Cosmos Mumba (finalist for the prestigious Tusk Trust Conservation Award 2015), its mission is to rescue and rehabilitate injured, orphaned and illegally held vervet monkeys and yellow baboons for release back to the wild. Once rehabilitated, the primates are integrated into cohesive troops and taught all they need to know to be successfully released into the wild. Once released, their progress is monitored for 6 months thereafter and their survival rate averages a remarkable 95%.

What Zambia Primate Project does

  • Assist the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in the rescue of illegally kept primates 

  • Support DNPW with the rehabilitation and veterinary care of the rescued primates

  • Integrate the primates into troops and eventually release them into the wild

  • Monitor the release troops and provide supplementary care during the early stages of release​

  • Deliver education programmes to local communities on the negative welfare and illegal impacts of keeping primates 

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Contribution to overall running costs of the project

  • ​Financial support for the construction of a new Primate Transit Home including pre-release enclosures and quarantine facilities

Project Images - hover over for details

Cosmas at the primate release camp
'Pet' primate prior to rescue
Cosmas rescuing a primate
Jeffrey the rescued vervet monkey 
ZPP team conducting post-release monitoring
Cosmas at the Tusk Conservation Awards

For further information on the work of ZPP please visit Zambia Primate Project

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