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Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries
David Walker and DJ - Founders
Elderly ewes at the sanctuary

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries (GHAS) was officially launched in 2017 by our friends David Walker and Dwynwen Jones (DJ). The charity is dedicated to creating awareness around welfare issues within the farming and pet industries and providing safe sanctuary and relief from cruelty and suffering for rescued, abused, and neglected animals at their Farm Animal Sanctuary in Worcestershire.


Animals in their care include those rescued from factory farming where they have been kept confined indoors all their lives, and new-borns destined to be destroyed or abandoned simply because they are not profitable. Unfortunately, consumer demand for cheap products results in a host of animal welfare issues within the farm industry as the animals are simply treated as commodities.

Others receiving care at the sanctuary are those individuals originally bought as pets or ‘unusual’ gifts who grow too large for their owners to handle and ex-working animals who can no longer fulfil their ‘purpose’. The growing trend in ‘micro pigs’ continues to lead to a huge number of unexpectedly large pigs who are deemed unsuitable as pets and are often neglected, many of which have found a forever home at Goodheart.


OAT was delighted to support Goodheart’s Pig Barn and Woodland project, a new facility where rescued pigs have the space and opportunity to carry out natural foraging behaviours and an open grassy space where they can live in larger groups and most recently have supported Goodheart’s brand new project, a Rehabilitation & Special Care Unit, a multi-functional area which will benefit a number of rescued animals, including:

  • Our equines, some of which are elderly or require special care

  • New residents who require rest or quarantine whilst being assessed

  • Elderly or unwell animals who may be undergoing treatment or rehabilitation

What Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries do

  • Provide lifetime care for rescued farm animals who have been mistreated or discarded 


  • Campaign against the shocking treatment that occurs due to bad farming practices


  • Offer the public the opportunity to engage and learn about animals through their stories, sanctuary open days, and educational tours

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Funding support for the Pig Barn and Woodland project, a new facility for rescued pigs 


  • Helping to kickstart Goodheart’s brand new project, the Rehabilitation & Special Care Unit

Project Images - hover over for details

Rescued Jersey calves
A pigs life...
Raising awareness at Nickless
Rescued lambs 
Harry the pony
Teddy the sheep
Adoption boxes
Goodheart home for rescued hens
Rehab and Special Care Unit

For further information on the wonderful and inspirational work of Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries please visit

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