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Anna & Steve Tolan - Founders
Douglas the hippo

Steve and Anna Tolan emigrated from England to Zambia in 1998 to set up their lifetime dream of establishing a conservation education program for local children in a wildlife-community conflict area. Previously they were both officers with the Thames Valley Police but in their private lives, Africa was their passion. 


Anna runs a comprehensive and inspiring conservation education program for children and young adults and Steve is a senior honorary wildlife officer and is active in wildlife and habitat protection. 


Over the years, Anna and Steve have rescued many orphaned and injured animals, nursing them to health or adulthood and releasing them back into the wild. We have been fortunate to meet many of the characters who have been through Chipembele, some of who are still there. We have shared photos and short stories on a few of our favourites below. 


The Luangwa Valley is now their permanent home and all the projects they run have become an integral part of their lives. After our family visit to Chipembele in 2014 and subsequent visits by Dave Higgs, OAT's man on the ground, aka OATOKE, we decided to support Anna and Steve in their admirable work.

What Chipembele does

  • Conservation education for children and young adults

  • Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation

  • Environmental protection & wildlife law enforcement 

  • Sponsored the construction of new enclosures for rescued animals

  • Annual contribution towards cost of feeding the animals during their rehabilitation

  • Annual contribution towards Steve’s work in wildlife law enforcement

  • Support of the mobile education unit in conjunction with the Hosking family; private donors and friends of OAT

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

Project Images - hover over for details

Douglas the baby hippo
The orphans needing regular feeding
Douglas with Dave
Mobile Education Unit
Anna with rescued primates
Mica with Pebbles
Nicola the scrub hare
Wol the wood owl
Stanley the bushbaby

For further information on the caring and thoughtful work of Chipembele please visit 

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