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Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
Kate Moore & Jonny Vaughan - Directors
Usiku the rescued hyena

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and has one of the fastest growing populations in Africa. This places immense pressure on its natural resources. Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT) is dedicated to protecting Malawi’s wildlife and its habitats and their work tackles illegal trade in ivory, bush-meat, charcoal and exotic animals for 'pets'. It also addresses animal welfare by providing emergency wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and care. In addition to this, LWT has an extensive education outreach programme changing the mindset of future generations. All of this has a positive impact on wild animal welfare and species conservation, not only in Malawi, but the rest of Africa.

What Lilongwe Wildlife Trust does

  • Operate a wildlife emergency rescue unit - WERU (see below)

  • Provide wildlife rehabilitation and care with applied research at their Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (LWC) in Malawi

  • Place wildlife crime on the national agenda and assist with bringing wildlife criminals to justice through advocacy and enforcement

  • Conservation education

Due to the mounting reports of wildlife injured by poachers in 2014, LWT, alongside the Department of National Parks & Wildlife (DNPW), set up the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit (WERU) to provide in field veterinary-related support for wildlife emergencies and conservation projects across the entire country.

WERU aims to

  • Treat injured wildlife

  • Relocate animals in conflict with communities

  • Provide veterinary support to projects that monitor and protect wildlife at risk​​

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Co-sponsor the Wildlife Emergency Rescue Unit (WERU) alongside the Born Free Foundation

  • Support LWT's investigative wildlife crime work

  • ​Provide event support and sponsorship​

  • Sponsored lifetime care for resident rescued lioness, Bella (sadly deceased 2018)

  • Funded upgrades to the rescued lion enclosure and bird aviaries

  • Contribute to the rehabilitation and care of Usiku, orphaned hyena cub

Project Images - hover over for details

Usiku the hyena cub
Health check for Usiku
Upgrades to the aviaries
Wildlife Campaigns
Mission Possible Malawi
Upgrades to the enclosures

For further information on the work of LWT please visit

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