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Conservation Lower Zambezi
Besa Kaoma - Environment Education Mgr
Besa with the students

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is committed to the protection of wildlife in the Lower Zambezi region of Zambia.  


Following a number of visits to witness their work first hand, we were particariulry impressed with their conservation education programme. They have a wonderful education centre located at their riverside headquarters and the programme reaches out to school children and teachers from communities that surround the Lower Zambezi National Park.


CLZ host six school visits a year where 24 children and four teachers from each project area are invited to spend three nights and two days at CLZ’s Environmental Education Centre based just outside the National Park. During the visit children engage in various lessons and activities, which revolve around a number of conservation topics, including sustainable fishing methods, HIV/AIDS and wildlife trafficking. In addition, children and teachers are taken into the Lower Zambezi National Park on game drives and boat cruises to interact and learn about wildlife on a more personal and positive level.


Each year a select number of students are selected by CLZ for their exemplary aptitude and interest in conservation and then CLZ seek full scholarships for them on the basis that they will continue their conservation studies alongside their normal school studies. OAT agreed to sponsor six such scholars and we are delighted with their progress. We are hopeful that these children will go on to become our conservation heroes of the future and on their journey, will inspire many other scholars to follow in their footsteps. The overall aim of CLZ's education programme is to raise awareness and build a generation of local community members that take pride in Zambia’s natural heritage and feel responsible for its protection.  

What Conservation Lower Zambezi does

  • Wildlife Protection

    • anti-poaching patrols 

    • specialised law enforcement units

    • detection and dog tracking units

    • investigation and intelligence units

  • Environmental education

  • Community support

  • Wildlife re-introduction & research

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Fund a three-year scholarship program for eight pupils showing aptitude for conservation

  • Sponsor a multi-day school group visit to CLZ Environmental Education Centre

  • Contribute to a student undertaking a ranger course

  • Part-sponsor community sports days to raise conservation awareness  

Project Images - hover over for details

Students on their boat safari
Students on land safari
David Muzengeza
Dave Higgs & the male students
Studying hard 
The eight students OAT sponsor

For further information on the work of Conservation Lower Zambezi please visit

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