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Save Vietnam's Wildlife
Thai Van Nguyen - Founder
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A pangolin with her baby

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) is committed to protecting and increasing populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam through rescue, rehabilitation & release, and protection of habitats. They also carry out scientific research to understand threats to wildlife, and run education programmes highlighting issue faced by wildlife and their habitats.  


Founder, Thai van Nguyen and his dedicated team work hard to rehabilitate and release a variety of rescued small mammals and carnivores. SWV rescued 407 pangolins from the illegal wildlife trade in 2017 and have successfully rehabilitated and released many of them back into the wild. 

What Save Vietnam's Wildlife do

  • Run a Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Programme (CPCP) which rescues, rehabilitates and releases threatened animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade

  • Secure protected habitats where threatened animals can thrive 

  • Carry out scientific research to increase the understanding of requirements for threatened species


  • Promote positive attitudes to wildlife conservation by educating wildlife law enforcement officers and the public

  • Help develop animal welfare practices and standards for animals in the care of the CPCP and promote these to other facilities in Vietnam

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Support Save Vietnam's Wildlife's rescue and release work

  • Fund capacity building and protection in Pu Mat National Park

  • Sponsored the construction of new quarantine facilities to increase capacity for pangolin rehabilitation 

Project Images - hover over for details

Rescuing pangolins from the illegal trade
Vet checks for the pangolins
SWV's transportation crates
Transporting pangolins to the rehab centre 
Inside the quarantine enclosure
Releasing a pangolin into the wild
The team at SVW
The Olsen's trip to SVW
New OAT laptops in the SVW office
Education programmes 
Rescued Leopard Cat
Rehabilitated pangolin, post release
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