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The team at Landaa 
Rescued turtle Indra

The Marine Savers team of dedicated biologists established a sea turtle conservation programme in 2011, following concern over dwindling sea turtle populations across the Maldives. This government-endorsed programme is concerned with the following key areas of turtle conservation: the protection of turtle nests followed by assisted rearing for any sick or injured hatchlings; the rehabilitation of injured turtles; and photo identification techniques including satellite tracking and post-release monitoring.


On a visit to the Maldives, the Olsens visited the Marine Savers facility. They recognised the wonderful work they were doing and agreed to help improve the rehabilitation programme by funding a new in-ocean turtle rehabilitation pen. The turtles at Marine Savers are now able to be rehabilitated in a natural, but safe environment, before being released. Marine Savers create prosthetic limbs for those who have endured terrible injuries, usually caused by boat engines or fishing nets, in order to give them the best possible chance of survival.


Marine Savers also combine costal protection and marine ecology to help restore coral, with the hope of representing a credible proactive adaptation to the present climate scenario. To date they have transplanted more than 3,000 coral frames (covering two hectares) using over 40 species of coral. These new reefs act as refuge areas for marine life and a source of spawn for the coral species, as well as contributing to overall diversity and productivity of the reef.

What Marine Savers Project does

  • Rescue, rehabilitate and release turtles 

  • Care for turtles that are too injured to be released 

  • Restore damaged reefs in the Maldives using coral frames 

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Co-funded the build of an in-ocean turtle rehabiliation pen 

Project Images - hover over for details

Entangled victim 
The 'on land' turtle rehab tanks
Marine biologists Audrey & Carla
Moving the new pen into the sea
Rehab turtle enjoying new enclosure
The in-ocean pen from above

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