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Animals Asia
Jill Robinson - Founder
Jasper - Rescued Moon Bear

When Jill Robinson came face-to-face with her first bear in a bile farm in 1993 there was no turning back. She immediately dedicated her life to saving these poor creatures. When our man on the ground, Dave Higgs, had the same experience in Vietnam it was obvious why she had done it. Such callous and unbelievable cruelty must be stopped. 


Founded in 1998, Animals Asia promotes compassion and respect for all animals and works to bring about long-term change. Although the main focus of their work is bears,they now work on animal welfare initiatives across a wide range of domestic and wild animals in Asia. Over the last two decades Animals Asia have made huge progress, vowing that they won't stop until the cruelty ends and OAT are devoted to supporting them.

What Animals Asia does

  • Work collaboratively with local governments to end the barbaric bear bile trade

  • Provide lifetime care for bears rescued form bile farms at their award-winning sanctuaries in China and Vietnam

  • Work towards ending the trade in dogs and cats for food in China and Vietnam​


  • Strive to end the use of wild animals such as elephants for entertainment and the tourism industry

  • Develop and deliver programs to educate and improve the relationship between humans and animals and improve the welfare of companion animals (dogs and cats)

  • Campaign and educate with a view to ending abusive animal practices in zoos and safari parks in Asia

  • Work closely with governing authorities to improve animal management and increase awareness of the welfare needs of captive animals

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Sponsored the construction of a new bear house and enclosures at the Vietnam Sanctuary

  • Cover veterinary costs at Chengdu Bear Sanctuary, China

  • Individual sponsorship of Jeffery bear and Nicola Jayne bear for their life-time care

  • Provide core funding across the organisation including both bear sanctuaries and a wide range of welfare and campaign projects

  • Support of a government initiative to end elephant back riding in Yok Don National Park and hopefully in the country

  • Fund the cost of animal welfare managers in Vietnam, whose specific emphasis is on the welfare of captive animals

  • Fund-raising and event support

  • Strategic support through the sponsorship of fund-raising expertise​​​

Project Images - hover over for details

Farmed Moon Bear
Jeffrey the rescued Moon Bear
Nicola Jane the rescued Moon Bear
An enclosure for rescued bears
OAT sponsored enclosure
Spending time with the veterinary team
Hard to see an elephant chained
Jun the lucky orphan at the ECC
Hnol now roaming free in Yok Don
Doctor Dog
Performing animals
Professor Paws
Fundraising event
Ending animal captivity
The bear graveyard

For further information on the wonderful and inspirational work of Animals Asia please visit

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