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Lisa Hywood - Founder
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African Pangolin

When a person dedicates their entire life to supporting wildlife in the way that Lisa Hywood of the Tikki Hywood Foundation (THF) does, it's impossible not to want to help them. Always fighting for the underdog, Lisa's compassion knows no bounds. She will stop at nothing to save the little guy whilst all the time striving to make a positive difference to the bigger picture. Working with the authorities in Zimbabwe to fight illegal wildlife crime, Lisa is as close to a superhero as you can get without a cape. We have awarded THF with an annual grant and are extremely proud of Lisa and her team.

Lisa founded the Tikki Hywood Foundation in1994 in memory of her late father Tikki. The organisation strives to help the lesser-known endangered animals who are often overlooked. Specialising in pangolin, they run the most successful pangolin conservation project in Africa and currently work with over 12 African countries on pangolin conservation.  They have an A-Z approach to ensure maximum impact.

What Tikki Hywood Foundation does

  • Operate a 24/7 animal rescue & release program. Their priority is to rehabilitate animals and release them back into the wild whenever possible. When animals cannot be released they remain in the care of the THF team at the sanctuary.

  • Animal welfare & animal rights campaigns 

  • Pangolin rehabilitation & release program (the only one of its kind in Africa

  • Training and mentorship for wildlife crime investigations, judiciary and law enforcement personnel in the application of the law within Zimbabwe

  • Support THF's wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release programs including upgrades and extensions to animal enclosures​ at the sanctuary

  • Contribute to the Pangolin program in general, which includes costs for additional staff members, care consumables, veterinary training and pangolin awareness campaigns

  • Contribute to their overall work in illegal wildlife trafficking and education and awareness 

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

Project Images - hover over for details

Pangolin carers with Dave Higgs
Naia the otter
Bilbo the serval cat
Assisi the African civet
Sahara the bat-eared fox

For further information on the amazing work of the THF please visit

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