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Luke Gamble, Founder
WVS field work

When OAT first met Luke Gamble, Founder of Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), we knew instantly that we would support his organisation.  Like OAT, Luke wants to get the job done as quickly as possible and is passionate about helping animals in need.


WVS works tirelessly across the globe and whether that is sending vital veterinary aid parcels to thousands of organisations working in the poorest areas, delivering expert veterinary training to raise the standard of care, or deploying dedicated vets on the ground to tackle the worst cases of animal neglect, they are 100% committed to the cause.


OAT provides WVS with an annual unrestricted grant, which is put to great use in remote areas around the world. This has included upgrades to veterinary facilities and wildlife enclosures in sanctuaries in Laos, Bolivia and Sierra Leone, training of paramedics and general support of welfare work with donkeys in Tanzania, and funds for a mobile veterinary unit in Mozambique, enabling vets to reach domestic animals in need in extreme remote areas.


WVS have also kindly sent veterinary packages to several OAT projects, including much needed supplies to the Chimpanzee Conservation Centre in Guinea. They are also assisting with domestic animal welfare in Thailand, in and around villages where an OAT-supported elephant project is situated. There are many other proposed OAT–WVS projects in the pipeline.

What WVS does

  • Help animals in places where no one else can.

  • Deploy trained vets, around the globe, wherever they are needed most.

  • Train local vets on the ground to up-skill and improve the standard of care provided.

  • Shipping urgent veterinary aid supplies to all corners of the world, every week of the year - many OAT projects have been the beneficiaries of this.

  • Provide animal welfare and husbandry courses for owners of domestic animals, especially those with working and farm animals.

  • Work with Governments to champion animal welfare.

  • In 2013 WSV founded "Mission Rabies", a global rabies vaccination programme that focuses on tackling the problem in the worst affected areas. Currently they cover India, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda.   

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Provide an annual grant for various WVS projects around the world. To date this has included:




Project Images - hover over for details

  • Work with Governments to champion animal welfare

  • Upgrading enclosures and veterinary clinic for a wildlife centre in Bolivia

  • Provided essential veterinary equipment for Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre

  • Enabled comprehensive training course for vets and animal owners in Tanzania focusing on the care of working equines

  • Funding of a mobile veterinary unit in Mozambique


Donkey clinic in Tanzania
Rescued primate
Dedicated team
Luke and Laos vet team
Mozambique vets at work
Macaw operation

For further information on the work of Worldwide Veterinary Service please visit

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