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Uganda Conservation Foundation
Pauline Kidner - Founder
Rescue from a meat farm

Last year we were approached by a charitable organisation called Secret World Wildlife Rescue. They are based in Highbridge, Somerset and they rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in the UK. They were looking for funding to expand their rehab facility and specifically to build a new state of the art hospital unit. 


At the time we were unable to visit the project as we were in the middle of Covid related lockdown, however, as soon as restrictions were lifted, we took a drive to Somerset and the rest, as they say, is history. 


On witnessing the passion and dedication of founder Pauline Kidner and her team, we agreed to support their expansion plans.  The new facility opened its doors in October 2021.  

What Secret World Wildlife Rescue does

  • Restore protected areas that have been neglected through management, and anti poaching and wildlife crime initiatives

  • Support wildlife populations by supporting those that protect them and investing in infrastructure such as vet units

  • Work with communities to mitigate ever-increasing human-wildlife conflict

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Funding of a Toyota Land Cruiser and necessary modifications to allow the vet to reach animals in distress

  • Funding for vet drugs and supplies 

Project Images - hover over for details

Cruel conditions
Temporary accommodation
Flight to freedom
Waiting for a home
Rescues arrived in the UK
Meeting their foster dogs
Volunteers in Romania
Confiscated ivory
OATOKE's visit to UCF

For further information on the work of Secret World Wildlife Rescue please visit

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