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Working for Change

Working for Change

Active Fundraising

  • Sue Olsen and Polly Mason successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2014 ​as part of the Born Free fund-raising team who successfully raised over £55,000. 

  • OAT regularly host and sponsor events for the projects we support. See OAT Events page for more details. 

  • OAT provide support to organisations who focus on campaign work. See OAT Beneficiaries page for more details.


  • We have, and continue to march for the abolition of canned lion hunting, ceasing the Taiji dolphin slaughter, elephant & rhino protection and anything else we feel passionate about!

  • Sue Olsen and Dave Higgs attended the 2016 CITES Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species, as members of Species Survival Network (SSN) and observers for OAT.

Climbing Kilimanjaro
Marching against trophy hunting
Attending CITES conference
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