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OAT 100 Christmas Appeal

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This Christmas Olsen Animal Trust (OAT) have committed to lighting up the lives of 100 dogs.


They are currently being taken care of by Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo (SSSS) who continuously rescue and care for abandoned and neglected dogs in Sarajevo. Finding a home in Bosnia is almost an impossible task and therefore the dogs are mostly relocated to other European countries for rehoming.

Recently, a wonderful rescue and rehoming centre in the UK, Just for Dogs in Derby (JFD) have agreed to receive and rehome 100 dogs from SSSS and OAT have committing to cover all costs associated with this relocation. 


10 of the "OAT 100" arrived safely at JFD on Monday 26th November 2018 and the further 90 will come to JFD over the next 6 months. More good news is that JFD have agreed to take 10 dogs per month in addition to the OAT 100 which means that subject to further support, OAT will be able to help relocate and rehome even more dogs into the new year and beyond.


If you too would like to light up the lives of more hopeful dogs in Sarajevo this Christmas by contributing to the OAT100 appeal, we and the dogs would be overjoyed.

£350 covers the costs of a passport, transport, vaccinations, and all the necessary paperwork required to relocate one dog and any contributions will be gratefully received. 

Waiting hopefully in Sarajevo

Helping one dog doesn’t change the world, but it changes the world for that dog...

This is Ozzy who was rescued by SSSS earlier this year. He was rescued from one of the government pounds, sometimes referred to as a kill shelters. Lucky for him, Ozzy is now starting to rebuild his life with the loving care of his foster parents in the UK. 



Ozzy before in Bosnia

Ozzy after in UK

If you would like to contribute to the OAT 100 Appeal

You can make a difference...


Take a look at the photo grid below to see the lucky 100 dogs who are on their way to a new life in the UK.


By contributing to the OAT 100 Appeal you'll be helping more dogs like these secure their place on the "Happy Bus" and get one step closer to finding their forever home.   You can learn more about their background by clicking on their individual pictures.

A big thank you to the following friends of OAT who have enabled us to light up the lives of 24 more dogs already! 

Mavis Higgs 

Dave Higgs

Jo Mason

Catherine & Chris Hobbs

Polly & Sam Trollope

Lesley Koen

DJ & David Walker  

Lyn & Hannes Grobler

James Upfold

Eileen Jamieson

Emily Jones

Max & Sam Harris

Simon & Nerys Gash

Virginia McKenna OBE

Pip & Ralph Whittingham

Rick & Melissa Johnson

Paul Beacall

Martin & Sarah Evans

Sam & David Edwards

Gary & Barbara May

And to our other wonderful friends who have given so generously to enable us to bring a further 9 dogs.


That's a total of 33 additional dogs coming to the UK because of you! Thank you to all those who have given.

If you are considering adopting a dog yourself, and you think one of these dogs could be the one for you, please email me directly [email protected]

We will keep you posted on how the campaign is progressing.


Team OAT will be travelling to Derby to personally welcome one of the groups of dogs in January, and Dave, aka our OATOKE will be travelling with another group, from from Sarajevo to Derby, in March. We will share photos and an account of these special times via the blog.

The OAT 100

Saving Suffering Strays_edited.jpg

Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo Founder, Milena Malesevic has been rescuing stray dogs from the streets of Sarajevo for more than 30 years. During the war in Bosnia many people could no longer care for their pets and as a result many dogs ended up on the streets. Since then Milena has been working tirelessly to rescue the most vulnerable dogs and give them the love and care that they need. Milena works 24 hours a day rescuing as many dogs as she can, and she continues to feed the stray dogs that still live on the streets of Sarajevo. If you would like to find out more by visiting their website please click on their logo. 


Just for Dogs is based in Derby in the UK and was founded in August 1997 by a handful of like-minded people who simply wanted to rescue and re-home abandoned dogs. They rescue dogs who, through no fault of their own, find themselves lost and alone on the streets and they also take in dogs whose owners can no longer keep them. We are thrilled that they will now be rehoming dogs for SSSS of Bosnia. If you would like to find out more by visiting their website please click on their logo. 

If you would like to adopt or foster and dog personally, please email me directly: [email protected]

If you would like to contribute to the OAT 100 Appeal

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