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Uganda Conservation Foundation
Ingrid Newkirk - President
Rescue from a meat farm

We have supported the work of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for a number of years now, but this particular project struck our heart strings. In simplistic terms it incentivises the owners of working animals on the streets of Delhi to relinquish their horses and bullocks in return for the provision of mechanised rickshaws. This is a much more efficient method for transporting goods and the animals get to retire to Animal Rahat, a purpose-built sanctuary supported by PETA. 


A win-win situation and better still, the Delhi government are right behind the initiative ensuring that the suffering of working animals will continue to diminish.  


Hopefully one day the unnecessary suffering of these animals will become a thing of the distant past. I am pleased to say that our close friends of Good Heart Animal Sanctuaries were as excited as we were about this project and in  2021 decided to co-fund a grant to enable the kickstart of this awesome initiative. OAT and Goodheart awarded a further grant in 2022 to support the continued success of the project. Thank you Goodheart!  

What PETA does

  • Restore protected areas that have been neglected through management, and anti poaching and wildlife crime initiatives

  • Support wildlife populations by supporting those that protect them and investing in infrastructure such as vet units

  • Work with communities to mitigate ever-increasing human-wildlife conflict

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Funding of a Toyota Land Cruiser and necessary modifications to allow the vet to reach animals in distress

  • Funding for vet drugs and supplies 

Project Images - hover over for details

Cruel conditions
Temporary accommodation
Flight to freedom
Waiting for a home
Rescues arrived in the UK
Meeting their foster dogs
Volunteers in Romania
Confiscated ivory
OATOKE's visit to UCF

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