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Uganda Conservation Foundation
Michael Kegwin - Founder
Murchison Falls National Park

The Uganda Conservation Foundation is dedicated to protecting Uganda's national parks, protected areas and conservancies. They do this in three ways: recovering neglected protected areas and their wildlife populations, mitigating human-wildlife conflict and improving the livelihoods of communities close to the protected areas. They help provide rangers with what they need to do their jobs and conserve wildlife through investing in key infrastructure such as veterinary labs to treat wounded animals, and ranger posts to protect them. Through engaging schools, communities and cultural institutions, they hope to bring a sustainable legacy to conservation. A recent OAT visit to UCF allowed us to see first hand the great work being done. The Murchison Falls Recovery Project seeks to combat poaching, improve animal welfare and expand tourism in the Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison Falls was once famed for its wildlife; elephant numbers in Uganda were over 30,000 and half that population was found in the Murchison Falls National Park. Since then, hunting for ivory has seen a decline of over 80% in the elephant population. Poaching has increased dramatically and snares and traps have become a huge problem. UCF aim to tackle this through support of law enforcement and supplying people with alternative means of income to poaching. They have also helped support the Uganda Wildlife Authorities veterinary unit in Murchison falls which helps to improve animal welfare and mitigate the problems caused by the increasing number of life-threatening snares.

What Uganda Conservation Foundation Project does

  • Restore protected areas that have been neglected through management, and anti poaching and wildlife crime initiatives

  • Support wildlife populations by supporting those that protect them and investing in infrastructure such as vet units

  • Work with communities to mitigate ever-increasing human-wildlife conflict

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Funding of a Toyota Land Cruiser and necessary modifications to allow the vet to reach animals in distress

  • Funding for vet drugs and supplies 

Project Images - hover over for details

Wildlife numbers
OAT mobile vet unit 
Vet team in action
Snared antelope
Snared lion
Treated elephant wound
Snares and traps
Confiscated ivory
OATOKE's visit to UCF

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