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Uganda Conservation Foundation
Claire Bass - Exec Director UK
Rescue from a meat farm

Humane Society International (HSI) are a leading force for animal protection. Alongside their admirable disaster relief responses, they work around the globe to promote the human-animal bond and confront animal cruelty in all its forms including ending confined meat farming, animal testing, trophy hunting and fur farming.  


Last year we learnt of HSI's efforts in South Korea, where they are working toward initiating a government ban on the farming of dog meat for human consumption. By 2030, they hope their efforts will have led to the closure of all dog meat farms in the country, and that the cultural view that all dogs are worthy companion animals will predominate.  South Korea is the only country in the world that commercially farms dogs for human consumption and unbelievably, there are an estimated 2 million dogs (including many breeds) currently kept in cruel conditions on thousands of these farms.  


Needless to say, when HSI asked for our support in shutting down one of these dog meat farms to enable them to rescue and rehabilitate all 171 dogs, we immediately agreed. I am pleased to say that the mission went to plan and HSI expertly coordinated the closure of the farm and the subsequent transport of the dogs to the USA and Canada where they are now undergoing a comprehensive rehabilitation process in preparation for eventual rehoming. A few months later another opportunity arose to enable the closure of yet another farm and rescue a further 25 dogs from another farmer who was persuaded to relinquish his business and we were honoured to be able to facilitate this rescue. These dogs came to a rescue centre in the UK and were rehabilitated and rehomed from there. Then again, in July 2022, OAT contributed towards the rescue of a further 19 dogs, and another farm was closed. 


In addition to the rescue of the Korean dogs, OAT provided crucial support to assist HSI in their work with animals in the Ukraine. So many animals were abandoned and displaced and HIS and their team of colleague son the ground were and still continue to help these animals in need. 


We love everything HSI stand for and are incredibly proud to have been able to help. We are sure this is only the beginning of a longstanding mutually beneficial relationship.   

What HSI does

  • Restore protected areas that have been neglected through management, and anti poaching and wildlife crime initiatives

  • Support wildlife populations by supporting those that protect them and investing in infrastructure such as vet units

  • Work with communities to mitigate ever-increasing human-wildlife conflict

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Funding of a Toyota Land Cruiser and necessary modifications to allow the vet to reach animals in distress

  • Funding for vet drugs and supplies 

Project Images - hover over for details

Cruel conditions
Temporary accommodation
Flight to freedom
Waiting for a home
Rescues arrived in the UK
Meeting their foster dogs
Volunteers in Romania
Confiscated ivory
OATOKE's visit to UCF

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