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Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
Ashley Leiman OBE, Founder & Director
An orphan, Adib

The Orangutan Foundation’s aim is to ensure the survival of the critically endangered orangutan and its globally important habitat, the tropical forests of Borneo and Sumatra, together with the fauna and flora they contain. The Foundation has been working in the province of Central Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) since 1990 and delivers a unique and diverse approach to orangutan conservation.

Under the Orangutan Rescue and Translocation Programme, the Orangutan Foundation rescue isolated orangutans, and other wildlife species, from areas where they are at risk, such as, oil-palm plantations or community farmlands, to prevent them being killed or injured. Once the animals are safely contained, often needing anaesthetising, the Foundation’s Indonesian vet examines them. Animals suitable for immediate return to wild are released into the protected, 158,000-acre Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.


The Orangutan Foundation run five release camps within the reserve. The camps are continuously staffed to provide orangutans and other wildlife with supplementary food (fruit) and post-release monitoring and the Orangutan Foundation’s vet routinely visits to monitor and treat the animals with vitamins and de-worming medication.

Young orphaned orangutans, which have been rescued and are too young for immediate release, enter our soft-release programme. The young orangutans are taken out during the day to play and climb in the trees, make nests and learn to forage but are returned to their enclosure to rest and at night-time. There are currently ten infant orangutans in the soft- release programme.

What Orangutan Foundation does

  • Habitat protection and restoration

  • Orangutan rescue and translocation

  • Scientific research

  • Education and awareness activities

  • Capacity building of local partners

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Contribute to the annual running costs of JL Camp, one of the release facilities

  • Provide core funding to including the upgrade of quarantine structures 

Project Images - hover over for details

Orphans Adib (left) and Mona (right)
Adib was kept as a pet
Camp JL staff
Guard post in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve
Illegal logging
Habitat Restoration Programme

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