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Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo
Saving Strays Team
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Rescued Strays 

Saving Strays is small charity working in the UK and Bosnia who aim to alleviate the suffering of stray and abandoned dogs. They are entirely managed by a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, including UK’s friend of OAT Maria Slough and well known animal warrior and actor, Peter Egan.


In 2018 OAT helped to relocate100 dogs from Bosnia to their forever homes in the UK via their OAT 100 appeal. One of these dogs, Hero, who is blind, is particularly special to OAT. He is now living his best life with the Olsen family in their Surrey home.   


OAT provide general support for Saving Strays. This includes supporting The Final Forty campaign which aims to secure the health, wellbeing and safety of forty dogs in Saving Strays lifetime care by establishing specific facilities for them.  The 'lifers' will be given a greatly improved and safer environment to live out their natural lives, and those who are candidates for rehoming will receive help with their socialisation skills to ensure they are confident enough to travel and settle into their new adoptive homes. 

What Saving Strays does

  • Rescue vulnerable dogs ​from the streets of Sarajevo and dogs abandoned in the UK

  • Feed and care for relatively healthy dogs living on the streets

  • Rehabilitate rescued dogs to prepare them for rehoming, including registration, spay & neutering, vaccinations & passports

  • Manage the rehoming process including transport to homes and adoption centres across mainland Europe & the UK 

How Olsen Animal Trust helps

  • Contribute to core funding

  • Provided crucial funding to create new facilities to enable rehabilitation of dogs in long term care

  • Created the OAT 100 campaign that enabled 100 dogs to come from Bosnia to the UK for rehoming

  • Provided match funding for the Amazon "wishlist" that provided a variety of practical needs for the project​​

Project Images - hover over for details

OATOKE in Sarajevo
Reality check
Loading the 'Happy Bus'
OAT 100 campaign
Tunnel pups
Ozzy before
Ozzy after
Maria Slough & rescues
Maria & vet Roger
Doggie playground
Dave & Seb

For further information on the work of Saving Strays please visit

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